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What is it?
DatingNumber is a new service that provides you peace of mind knowing that your real identity is secured while using online Dating Sites. Many people may not realize that when you give a stranger your phone number you are actually giving them your identity. For $9.95 someone can pay for a reverse phone number look-up and find out your Address, Date of Birth, and other personal information about you.

With DatingNumber you can have multiple phone numbers assigned to your one account. You can place and receive calls from each of these numbers and also send and receive SMS messages. Another exciting feature within the DatingNumber service is the ability to search for other DatingNumber members. To the right is a short list of the features that we consider the top features of the service.

With the DatingNumber disposable phone number service you can get this peace of mind and our simple, affordable "a la carte" ordering system lets you pick the services you want, whether weather you want one DatingNumber, Call minutes, or just want to be able to send and receive text messages. We got you covered!

Post it on your Dating Profile
DatingNumber will work on popular sites such as, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish and many others. Simply post your DatingNumber on your profile page and allow people to text or call it.

Hand it out at clubs/bars
Ever been in a situation where you are getting hit on in a bar or club? Maybe you think this person could be a good match, but your reluctant to give them your real Phone Number so you lose the oppurtunity form ever knowing. With DatingNumber you can give them your number knowing your privacy is secured.

Use on Non-Dating Sites
Post on Craigslist or other classifed sites? If so post your DatingNumber there too! Whn the add is done or you sell your item you can simply get another DatingNumber wil a simple push of a button.

Member Search
Find other DatingNumber members and get links to their dating site profiles, you already know that people on the DatingNumber system are worried about the same things as you are when it comes to privacy.

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DatingNumber is a new and unique disposable phone number service that masks your identity and real phone number. We also offer a unique service that allows you to offer the DatingNumber service in your current dating site or software.